Today I am writing you because it's Figment's birthday! He is an orange and white van out of Rambo and Zoey. Today he turns 3.

I just wanted to take a second to let you know that every day with him and Xena is a blast. As I stated a while ago I'd thought I would never be able to have cats since I'm allergic but these cats have brought me nothing but joy, laughs, comfort and occasional bouts of insanity. Lol.

Thank you much for breeding such loving, intelligent, playful and quirky cats. Pics of my cat family attached.



We call this "Nona napping." Everyone naps better with Nona:) She's an absolute joy in every way - playing, cuddling, and exploring. And
she's been a great friend and companion to our other cat Cayce, an
adopted (and jumpy!) Devon who treats Nona as her own. Thank you - we absolutely adore her. I can't imagine our household without Nona!



I cannot tell you how absolutely cute and adorable my little Pecan is.
I absolutely love her and she has become such a part of my life.
She follows me around like a dog, staying very close, lying against me when I lie down but she does not like to be picked up. Go figure.
Everyone who sees her says she is the most beautiful kitten they have ever seen but I think her wonderful personality is even more special than her gorgeous looks. She is soooooooooo smart and she just loves everything. She seems to fear nothing. My vet had nothing but major compliments for you as a  breeder. He told me often cats that come from breeders have something that needs  to be treated but he was very impressed that Pecan's tests all came back totally negative for everything he tested. He told me I should get my next cat from you too!

Robert P.
Mt. Vernon, NY


I could not wait any longer and just had to tell you what
joy and pleasure my little Lola has brought in to our lives. She is
such a little clown! EVERYTHING is a toy to her! She is always
playing with something,from the dog to the other cat to a pair of
shoes. She is such a little nosey body! She is in to everything.
Every one who meets her if fascinated by her beauty and her clownish
personality. My vet has fallen in love her. She loves to give
kisses and loves to be petted. She has a voracious sweet tooth and
is often caught stealing candy and cookies. Just try to have some
icecream and not offer her any! She is right on your lap swatting
at the spoon! Of course bed time for us is when she is at her most
playful,jumping on the bed,hiding under the covers and attacking
anything that moves. Sometimes we get to bed at 10:00 but dont go
to sleep untill midnight. Thanks again for making our world a
happier place!

Frank Masso


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