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Devon Rex Cat History: The Devon can be traced back to a single cat in Devon England. In 1960 a stray calico gave birth to a litter in the garden of cat lover Beryl Cox. One of the male kittens had a short, curly coat and Cox assumed the father was a curly-coated tom she'd seen at a nearby abandoned tin mine. Enthralled by the kitten's pixie appearance and unique curly hair, she kept him and named him Kirlee. She thought he might be a Cornish Rex, a breed discovered 10 years earlier in Cornwell. But when repeated breedings between the male and Cornish Rex females only produced straigh-coated kittens, clearly Kirlee was a member of a new breed.

Devon Rex Cat Character: Overall the Devon is a strong healthy breed with few inherited diseases. They are wonderful family pets that get along great with other animals. They also need very little grooming. They remind you of an elf or pixie because of their impish personalities.

Devon Rex Cat Appearance: Devons look like creatures from a fairy tale with huge bat-like ears, large eyes and short wavy coats. They are affectionately called Poodles that purr. The fur is as soft and warm as a chenille blanket and you don't come away with a handful of hair after petting a Devon.

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